Saturday, February 26, 2011

It's been a good day.

We decided after 48 hours of tummy troubles to take the doggy to the vet. We went to a new place as our last vet used to charge an arm and a leg, but we thought we were doing the best thing for our pup by going to the "expensive" vet. Silliness. Exam, shot, 3 pills....$50! Our old vet would charge us that just to walk in the door! Hopefully we will all get some sleep tonight as we are all tired and getting a bit cranky from taking him out every few hours around the clock. I'm sure the doggy doesn't enjoy it much either.

I ordered a small amount of wool from Ram in the Thicket to make another penny rug and more green for shamrocks. That's the beauty of Ram in the Thicket, you can just buy a small amount (3x18 inches) or as much as you need. I got my package today! I love getting mail!

You can see from this next picture how well the 'burnt sugar' and 'barnboard' go together. I have sunflowers planned for those two. The 'barnboard' is a new addition all the way from across the pond! It has a tweedy look to it with shades of golds, greys, and brown. Burnt sugar is the gold and vergennes is the green. Love that green!

Maybe I will do a little stitching tonight if all goes well with the pup. I think he is ready for a nice long nap after his trip to the vet! Me too, and I didn't even have to take him. Thank you hubby!

I hope you are all having a nice Saturday as well. Stay warm!


Kim said...

I hope doggie feels better. I wish my vet had that pricing chart. Gee, I don't think I have ever walked out paying less than $80. And once it was $650.....I almost needed a doctor!

Ann said...

The wool colors are yummy! Can't wait to see your sunflowers. Hope the pooch is on the mend. ~Ann

Julia said...

My... owning a pet can be an expensive venture now a day. It's ridiculous and there's no guarantees. A friend of mine took their German Shepherd dog to be treated and they over-sedated it and he died shortly after, some years ago.
I hope that the dog will feel well soon. JB

Julia said...

Oops, got thinking how expensive it was about taking the dog to the vet and forgot all about your gorgeous wool. Real yummy. I'll be on the lookout for some creations. JB