Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Mother Nature tricked us last week. After many days of near zero overnight temperatures and not much warmer during the day, we had temperatures close to 60F! I knew it was too good to be true as here in Ohio we usually get slammed until March. Yesterday afternoon as I was getting ready to leave for work, the skies opened up and snow, snow, and more snow began falling. It fell so quick that rush hour was a disaster. Luckily I work close to home, but I ran into a few snags as cars were blocking both sides of the road I was trying to go down as they were sliding up a hill. I love my Jeep! I had no problems, even going down our long drive that hadn't been plowed.

I snapped this picture out my kitchen window about 5p.m. It's not a great view (I get to look at the garage out my kitchen window, but I'm happy to have that window and the beautiful light it gives), but the snow looked beautiful hanging on the overgrown lilac bush.

You can see my little terrarium hanging out there. It was loving the sun, but now that it's cold again I think I need to move it to a warmer area in the house.

You can't see in the pic, but our kitchen walls are bright yellow. I always thought I would like a yellow kitchen, but not this yellow. It's too bright and it makes the cabinets look cold and cheap. They are a busy wood grain that I don't like. We debated painting the cabinets (we've seen some awesome black cabinets on another blog), but decided painting the walls is probably something we should tackle first. Painting the cabinets seemed so final, but the wall color can always be changed if it doesn't work out.

I went to Home Depot on Saturday and grabbed three sample pots of Behr paint. Love those! I grabbed a medium brown to paint the walls behind the cabinets (trying to make the cabinets disappear was my idea) and a dark brown to paint the trim as the white trim just wasn't doing it for me. The other walls in the kitchen will be painted a soft light brown to warm up the space...hopefully. Keep your fingers crossed for me! lol!

Stay warm!


acorn hollow said...

we have been the same here in NH. and to be honest I am so over winter. but we have a few more storms to get through.

lilraggedyangie said...

I too am so sick of this lovely Ohio weather, I was out and about junking yesterday and it was freezing rain here when we left, we got to Columbus and it was just plain rain by the time we headed home round 6pm the roads had every bit of a 1/4 inch of ice with 3 inches of snow on them.The exit ramps were almost drifted shut in the open areas from the nasty winter wind! You stay warm and be careful out there! Hugs
lil raggedy angie

My Primitive Creations by Tonya said...

LOL... guess Lil raggedy Angie and I must have been playing on the same roads last eveing... solid ice AGAIN...we are so blessed to live in Ohio where we never know from one day to the next what mother nature will deliver us... Ny Van looked like an Ice Scuplture this morning and there was no getting the doors open till after 2 this afternoon.. Enough is enough!!
It stopped being pretty the day after the first Snow...

Stay warm and safe!!