Saturday, May 4, 2013

Dyeing on a Saturday

Just doing a little dyeing with my friend Kimberlee, hoping a birdie doesn't poop on my wool while its drying on her deck. What a beautiful day! My son will be going to Prom later today. *sniffle* My baby!

What are you doing today?


Thursday, May 2, 2013

Busy With A.....

......kitten! We swept up a stray's runt and brought him in a few weeks ago. It was midnight and he had been on our porch all afternoon and evening, and I couldn't stand leaving him out all night. So off I ran to Walmart at 1am to buy kitten milk replacer and a baby medicine dropper. We now have a bottle and he likes that much better. We still aren't sure the gender. Hubs said if it's a girl we "might" keep her. :-)  Cinnamon loves playing with and "babysitting" for me. I always know where he little guy is when we let him roam because Cinnamon is right behind! :-)

So maybe next time I will have the rest of the pictures from the hook-in for you. This furry baby has been taking up my free time. :-)