Thursday, February 24, 2011

I had the strangest dream.......

I think we were at home (though it wasn't our current home) and there was this sort of shed in the backyard where my MIL kept her 'extras' for decorating or whatever, not real sure. I never really looked in it because it was all 'country' and not my style, but then I really took a look around one evening when it was raining (and for some reason this shed didn't really have windows) and I noticed lots of prim goodies! I said to hubs that it's raining and it will get ruined, might as well take it inside. lol. So I grabbed tons of stuff (it seemed to be set up like a store, everything set up nice on display) and took it to my house and decorated with it.

It was so bizarre! I wish it were true. *sigh* I could hold all of my prim goodies in my hands if I had to. I think with future thrift store excursions and garage sales this summer, and after we get the walls painted in our kitchen and living room, I might just start prim cozying up our house to make a home! It's only been three years. lol.

I think I might be a little sleep deprived and hence the strange dream. I do get plenty of sleep, it's just not in 8 hour segments. I'm a night owl, but the rest of the world revolves around day shift. Silly. : )  I put the kiddo on the bus only to come home to hubs telling me the doggy has "The Big D." You know what I'm talkin about. It's just noon and we have been out three times and hubs took him out twice. Poor guy. I'm making him rice and chicken. I read that we are supposed to hold food for 24 hours, but have you ever tried to keep food from a pug (he is pug/beagle mix)??? It ain't gonna happen. So we will just give him little helpings of rice and chicken. It's going to be a long day, but thankfully he is very good at telling me he has to go, go, go!!!    : )  He is snuggled up on an old comforter on the floor next to the computer desk so I can keep an eye on him. Such a good boy when he isn't feeling well.

Hopefully you are all having a nicer Thursday. : )  Stay warm!

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Kim said...

The big D is not fun. My little doggie usually gets the Big D in the middle of the night! I make her rice and boiled hamburger. Never tried it with chicken.
Funny about your dream. This morning I woke up thinking my followers went down to 30. I raced to the computer to check. LOL I must have eaten too late last night.