Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Thrift Store Day

First I have to say that you guys are awesome. Within minutes I knew what my little wooden gadget was...though my husband is sticking with a candle holder, lol. Stubborn man. Thanks so much!

I hit the thrift stores today as it was 50% off Wednesday at my favorite Salvation Army. I went with the intention of finding storage for my friend Kimberlee. She is re-doing her craft room and wants old instead of the newer bookshelf that she hs now. I emailed her a few pics and I did well too.

Milk tank thingy for $15 at a local shop called Pieces. Its already painted red. Perfect for my porch! And I couldn't resist this desk for $15 either. We have a roll top desk from the 70s that I hate. It will be given back to my husband's aunt and this will go in its place. Just a spot to drop the mail. Please ignore the dusty floor grate and pile of paint. :-)  I bought a bunch of little things too.

I shouldn't have bought anything as my husband was laid off last Friday, but I think he has everything straightened out and will basically be working for a sister company of the one he was working for. Fingers crossed. 

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