Sunday, January 29, 2012

Kitty Question

Up until a year or so ago I had no qualms about declawing...until I learned what is really involved. Its not just removing the nail! Now that we have Cinnamon we have a decision to make. He is awfully cute, but he is causing us pain. I could care less about our furniture, but he attacks our feet during the night. Some nights I have succeeded by tiring him out with play time and he doesn't bother us until bout 5 am, lol. I trimmed his nails thinking that would lessen the pain. Nope.

I really don't want to declaw him. I'm going to order these little nail covers to see if that helps. That should be fun to get on him, lol! Anyone try them? I can't remember what they are called. Soft Paws maybe? I will have to Google it.

Please let me know how you feel and if you have any ideas. Oh, keeping him out of the bedroom at night isn't an option as his litter box is in the master bath and we don't have another place for it. 



Brenda said...

Hello Michelle... All of our cats, with exception of our current one, had their claws. Some of the cats with claws weren't a problem, but our last male was a siamese mix and he clawed everyone and everything. He was terrible in bed at night, and we could never break him of it...We even tried using blanket for him to lay on all year long. *sigh* I honestly think he thought it was a game. We made the decision to declaw our latest addition to the family at 6 mos old, and I completely understand your issues with it. It was one of the toughest decisions that we have ever made. I am interested to hear if you find a non invasive solution to the problem. You sure have a darling kitty! :)

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

Such a sweet addition to the family.
I have a siamese cat and he is declawed (we only do the front claws) My daughter got a cat from the shelter and he had his claws and the shelter put those nail covers on but they always come off and I believe you have to go in and have them put on. I don't know how expensive these are. I hope you find a solution that you are comfortable with.
Prim Blessings

Jan said...

My son adopted a kitten that would NOT stop scampering up our legs (leaving bloody marks ). Brian got the soft claws on Ebay, and Stryker soon learned he couldn't get a grip to climb anymore. After a couple months,the soft claws weren't necessary anymore. He still attacks our feet, but has learned not to sink them in. Thank Goodness!!! By the way--he would flop over on his back for his "daddy" to put the soft claws on...but then, he is a strange cat. :)
Jan-Life on Buttermilk Hill

My Primitive Creations by Tonya said...

Hi Michele... Personally I've had both declawed and not declawed kitty's. I really don't believe in declawing deep in my heart but sometimes it's simply not an option for some. My Kittys are not declawed and they do there share of damage but I made the choice to accept it.
I think that you have to be the one to decide what is best for both you and your Kitty Baby.. He will out grow much of the Kitten stuff and not be so tempted to stick those claws in..
You might try a squirt water bottle and every time he claws you you squirt him..and say NO... it does work in training many misbehaviors in both cats and dogs.. so its worth a try.

Good Luck


Jan said...

We don't have kitties but our doggies keep me entertained just as well. Adorable photo of your sweet Cinnamon. Our kids rule the roost so I have no great suggestions. The one time I did have a kitty, I would wake up with hickeys on my eyelids. YES hickey. She was found next to her momma that had died so we had to bottle feed her for the longest time. So she wasn't weaned so to speak. She would suck on our blankets or eyelids. I don't know why we didn't wake up with it but it only happened a couple of times. I suppose if I had a cat though and it was going to be strictly an indoor cat, I would have it declawed. I like my furniture and curtains too much. heheh
Thank you for your visit to my blog.

Janet said...

Omg the last commenter made me laugh so hard. I would explore all other options first. I am allergic to cats but I love them.

Michelle~Sugar House Creations said...

Hee hee, thanks everyone for your comments. We are still sleeping with the water bottle. :-)