Thursday, December 9, 2010

Question for you prim painters....

When you are painting furniture or home decor items (dressers, tables, wall shelves, etc.), what type of paint do you use? I can't see using those little bottles of craft paint. Do you use wall paint? I'm totally clueless here, obviously. : )


Julia said...

I used to paint furniture like chairs and dressers and even an old metal bed. I know I didn't use wall paint. It was usually a glossy and durable paint and I bought it in a small can. There are such a variety of assorted paint for every project under the sun and your hardware or paint store would be a great place to find out. I remember of getting some spray paint like Flecto for the metal bed. Sorry Michelle that I can't be of any more help. JB

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

alot of them use spray paint for furniture..I have used wall paint for my furniture before..I get a satin like finish so it's not so glossy..and they acrylic paints sometimes come in bigger bottles..but I am thinking the wall paint..but I am no expert either..there is a Caomal paint in the prim world that is supposed to be excellent for painting is the link: hope this helps.:>) I am now a follower of your blog too.:) have a wonderful weekend.;)

The Wooden Acorn said...

Other than the spray paint method, there is a brand called Olde Century Colors.

Olde Century offers a wide assortment of folk art, primitive colors. You have to look them up on line for a retail location which is usually an antique store or gift shop. They come is quart size cans.

Hope this helps you.

Michelle~Sugar House Creations said...

Thank you all for the suggestions. I did have to buy a can of spray paint for my Christmas gifts and noticed it said it was good for wood. I will have to give that a tray, and will look for Olde Century Colors too.

the primitive country bug said...

You can also try Old Village paints. I use them a lot on my furniture re-do's.
Have fun!

Janet said...

Metal I paint with spray paint. If it's wood I use bin or kilz primer first. If I'm feeling lazy I might just lightly sand and not prime.

I use acrylic latex paint. I never use high gloss it shows every flaw and bump. I typically prefer a satin. For my bedroom set we sprayed the furniture and than we sprayed a polyurethane on the furniture. I wanted a factory finish that would be ultra durable.

I use a stainless steel hvlp paint sprayer with a large compressor. I have painted my cabinets and almost every piece of furniture in my house so this was a great investment.

Thanks for your words of encouragement. I was totally frustrated but my husband and I did get a good laugh about the whole thing.

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