Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My first rug hooking project

I honestly can't remember how many years ago this was. I didn't have a real rug stand yet, so I had hubby help screw some 2x4 boards together and then used those decorative upholstery tacks to hold the rug in place while I hooked. The rug was for the Yahoo Rug Hookers group. The mother of a member lost her home to a California wildfire I believe, and there were actually two groups that put together rugs, an east coast and a west coast, so she ended up with two beautiful rugs for her new home.

The finished East Coast Friendship Rug

My square was a dragonfly.

 My local rug hooking friend Jeanette helped me with finding some wool and loaned me some of hers. She was next on the list after I was done so she also saved me the shipping cost. Jeanette has since passed and her husband blessed me with some of her wool. I've been working on an applique project for him for way too long. I'm very embarrassed about that and have made it my mission to not let it go beyond Christmas before getting it to him.

I've since only made a few small Christmas ornaments/door hangers, but I would like to get into it again. I have a nice frame and strip cutter (Bliss I think) that hubs bought for me. I guess I should put them to good use. : )

Well that's it, I just wanted to share.


Julia said...

Michelle, I love the East Coast Friendship rug. What a nice gesture from your hooking group. Sorry about your friend passing. You must feel very privileged to have been given her wool to work with. JB

Cat Haven Crafts said...

Michelle, what a beautiful idea that rug was! Your post was wonderful. Thanks for becoming a follower! I look forward to following your blog as well.

sunnisandy said...

Hi Michelle thank you for adding me to your blog of favorites! I love your rug, such talent, keep up the great work!
Happy Holidays.....
i love your blog!