Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I think about wool a lot. Probably too much. It's even stretched over to sheep. They are so cute. I even have a few sheep home decor items that I've picked up at various places. I don't like the cutesy sheep with the faces painted or stitched on, more prim looking without a face. I like my dolls the same way, like Amish style or the Willow Tree Angels. Anyway, back to wool.

Purists will say only 100% wool will do. I do like it, though of course it is more expensive. I've found wool blend felt to be a nice compromise. Definitely a huge improvement from the craft store felt. It's not an acrylic blend either; I believe it's rayon. Of course you don't get the wonderful mottling and textures with wool blend felt though that you get with 100% wool. How I do love a beautifully mottled piece of wool!

I'm playing around today. It's rainy and gray out, so what else is a girl to do. I took some of my wool blend felt and, well, felted it some more. It made it much thicker and gave it a slightly nubby texture. I'm going to stitch up a small candle mat and see what happens. I already like the texture. It's thicker and almost gives the appearance of 100% wool. Of course it shrinks quite a bit, but still a more economical alternative to 100% wool.

I do think that one day I will switch over to 100% wool, but I'm curious to see what my crafting friends think.

I know for rug hooking only 100% wool will do, but what is your preference? Does it matter to you what the material is made out of when purchasing an item?


Julia said...

Oops, I thought that I had left a message yesterday but I guess that I goofed.
I usually use 100% wool for hooking but I bought a green skirt and Jacket that was 83 % wool and 17% nylon because I love the feel, color and thickness of this fabric for my rug. I'll have to probably use my rotary cutter on this one so as to not damage my cutting blade.

I don't care for cutesy face either but it depends if the face has an interesting personality. Have a great day Michelle. JB

Anonymous said...


So glad that we have found each other,,,we seem like a lot of the same things. I'm going to try to get you the cardinal pattern designer next week. Advise I've gotton from the Rug Matters group that I belong to, we are an ATHA chapter,,no less than 85% wool for hooking, and yes best to be 100%. I've been getting a lot of wool from EBAY http://stores.ebay.com/Olde-Scotties-Primitives-Wool?_rdc=1, I just love it...and I've been lucky lately, found 100% wool at Joann fabrics in the clearance section.

Sometimes faces are creepy! or as you say 'cutesy' me don't likey.

Have a great evening

Michelle~Sugar House Creations said...

I hope I didn't step on anyone's toes when I mentioned by weird dislike of faces on things. I blame it on one of my older sisters who taunted me with a clown when I was little. You can guess what I think of clowns as well!

Hi Ronda! Thanks for stopping by! Yes, we are very much a like it seems!

And Julie, I do look forward to your comments! :)

I do agree that 100% is best for rug hooking. What about wool applique? Do you look down on a blend? This goes back to my post about the birds singing. I need to learn that it's okay to sing my own song. Someone is bound to like it as well.