Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Salt Dough

My parents made name ornaments for us girls when we were little and they hung on the Christmas tree every year. I never thought much about it until a week or so ago when I ran across beautiful bowl fillers thanks to Kindra at At Home With K. She directed me to the creator of the beauties, Colleen at And Baby Makes Five! She has great tutorials on her blog and beautiful pictures to follow. Hop on over and take a look.

So the next day I mixed up my dough and had at it. I loaned some of my fall and winter cookie cutters to a friend so I had a limited supply, but I made a large mitten, a few snowflakes, a few mini pumpkins, and some leaves. I also got rid of a lot of my craft paint when I was cleaning and organizing this summer so I was limited on colors as well, but I had so much fun! As you may know, I had a sugar cookie business for a few years and I do miss it (but not the mess and the stress!), so it was thrilling to be able to dust off those cookie cutters and decorate, even if I couldn't eat the broken ones. : )  I will post pictures when I make more this weekend after I expand my palette by a few colors.

Amazingly I couldn't find anyone selling salt dough bowl fillers. Hmmm, I might have to add some to my etsy shop. Anyone interested? I just get a kick out of anything reminding me of decorated cookies!

Do you have memories of making salt dough ornaments as a child? I don't remember making them with my parents, but I do hope to continue the tradition of making J an ornament for the tree, even if he is already a teenager. Better late than never!


Julia said...

Salt dough ornaments are very nice. I have some from Ecuador when my daughter was there. I still use them many years later.

I see that my message wasn't lost yesterday. When I opened your blog the only thing visible was Oh Goggle and when I clicked on those words it would disappear. It was strange. I'm glad that you got your account straightened out. JB

Michelle said...

I did get your message yesterday Julia. Thanks! I was messing around with the blog design and I bet you posted when I was in the middle of something, so it looked funny. Thanks for letting me know though! :)