Sunday, November 14, 2010

Just another Sunday....

I work strange hours. Between two hospitals and seven days a week, I am up at all hours of the day and night. It works for us for now, though I do wish I could give one hospital up. My point is that the crafting bug hits and it's not always convenient. Like last night. Oh, say around 9:30 p.m. at work. So I pull out a piece of paper and scribble my thoughts. I carry a book bag instead of a purse and it's a disaster. I throw my lunch bag in there on top of scraps of paper filled with ideas and sketches. It's not pretty. I have grand dreams of having a beautiful sketch book. For right now it's a pile in the bottom of my bag. No wonder I can't get anything done. I think that will be my goal for Monday - clean up that mess and see what comes of it.

This is a mini journal that I covered with 100% wool bits and a button, which the hubs then claimed as his own.

My Mondays are usually lazy days. Due to my weekend work schedule I don't get up until around 11a.m. I usually check out the DVR list and the ever-growing blog list, cup of coffee in hand of course, and see what I might have missed. My M-F schedule is more "normal" so I use Monday to be lazy and get myself back on track for the rest of the week. Sometimes it works. : ) 

Cardinals, snowflakes, a poinsettia garland for the mantle (thanks to Wee Folk Art), and tiny felt people (again, Wee Folk Art) for a little girl's birthday were all running through my mind last night.

Where do you keep your ideas? To you have a special journal or sketchbook?


Julia said...

I keep my ideas and sketches and rug hooking information on pieces of papers, but they all end up in a file folder eventually. JB

Carmen at Primcatshouse said...

That mini Journal is adorable!!!

I keep my ideas in a journal too.

Carmen and the Primcats

Michelle said...

Julia, that's my goal too, to get them all filed. I wish I could be more like Martha Stewart. I do have a a 3-ring binder with some things in it, but I could use a few more to hold everything.

Thanks Carmen! The colors are a little funky, but hubs likes orange and I knew he was going to like it.

ohiofarmgirl said...

I love your little hand-made journal. I do not have a journal but your would lend itself to inspiration. Happy Thanksgiving. Dianntha