Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Kingwood Hook-In

Last Saturday was the annual North Central Ohio Rug Show and Hook-In at Kingwood Center put on by Katie Allman of Kidl'-de-Divey Woolens. The theme was retro 60s Christmas and Santa showed up, lol! Kimberlee put our names on the naughty list when we signed in so I got a candy lump of coal from Santa. Next year I'm signing us in at the door, ha ha!

I got a few pictures of the event, but check out Lauren from Rugs n Pugs , Alice from A Day in the Life, and Katie's blog for more great pictures of the event and the rugs on display.

Kingwood Center has a beautiful garden, so I'm told......for the second year in a row I never even wandered around! It was beautiful weather, but I wasn't feeling too great. I never even hooked a single loop while there!

I bought a few things....a lovely 'rug hooker' spoon necklace from Lauren, a pattern from Donna at Crows on the Ledge....but I am kicking myself for not buying wool from Heavens to Betsy! Seriously, I was obviously not feeling well to skip that! She has some of the most beautiful off the bolt wool for dyeing or using as-is, and her price can't be beat. My husband even told me to make sure I got something I wanted, but after the necklace and pattern I was feeling a little guilty and thought I should cut myself off. Boy is he a lucky guy or what! : ) 

Here are some of the photos I took of the event. I did not take pictures of the tags to go along with the rugs this time. Again, was just not feeling myself.

There were two hookers in the spotlight this time: Grace, whose last name escapes me, and Linda Cook. I see Linda at all of the local hook-ins, including the get-togethers at Pine Tree Gift Shoppe in Hartville, Ohio. She is an old neighbor of my bestie Kimberlee who is my hookin' sidekick.

This chicken (or is it a rooster?) had such character. The tail feathers were hooked a little higher.

And this rooster is just all kinds of fabulous with his long loops for tail feathers.

Here are the friendship rugs. Each person chose the theme for their rug. It was then passed on to different members of the group (the Wadsworth Library group) to hook a square based on the theme.

My absolute favorite belongs to Teri Hedrick...the quilt blocks!

More fun rugs on display. Love the different take on the chickens from four different hookers!

The photo does not do this rug justice. Beautiful variations in color for the sunflowers!

  This was in the vendor's room. We utilize two different rooms across a courtyard from each other. It's just a short walk and for the two years I've gone the weather has been wonderful. There were even a few ladies hooking in the courtyard as there are benches, tables, and small trees to provide shade.

Santa showed up!

Heavens to Besty!

Lauren's (Rugs n Pugs) beautiful spoon necklaces! I'm the proud owner of one. :)

Kris Miller from Spruce Ridge in the background.

What's the next local hook-in for us Ohio folks?

Fort Laurens Rug Crafters Hook In
September 21, 2013
Otterbein United Methodist Church
6025 Shepler Church Road
Navarre, OH

I'm hoping there is still room as I keep forgetting to mail in my registration. Maybe I will see you there. : )



BumbleBeeLane said...

Sorry you weren't feeling well.It sounds like you still had fun though.Beautiful Rugs!~Amy

Merry Wind Farm said...

Michelle, I'm sorry you weren't feeling well for the hookin, how disappointed you must have been. I'm glad you weren't too sick to shop and take all those wonderful pictures. Thanks for sharing!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Thanks for all the wonderful pictures. You got ones I did not. What a fun day! Thanks for the necklace purchase. It helps support my wool habit.
Happy Fourth to you!
Hugs :)