Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Peg Loom Weaving

Long time my friends! Bronchitis knocked me down for about 3 weeks, I'm still not 100%, and now I'm blessed with a head cold. Yay! Lol, I always say I can't complain because it could be worse.

I saw an amazing weaving project on someone's Facebook page and was told it was done using a peg loom. I had never heard of such a thing, just the beautiful but expensive looms that take up a whole room. I would love to learn to weave "for real" but that will never happen I'm afraid. I love rug hooking and my other fiber crafts though.

So back to the peg loom.... Saturday evening I called my dad and told him about the peg loom and Sunday afternoon after church we were in his garage making one. Dad loves my projects. :-) I'm always asing him to do something for me. I like to keep him busy in his retirement. :)

Don't laugh, but the picture is of my first attempt. Ignore the fuzzy wool yarn ends. Next time I will be using t-shirt for the warp....or is it the weft?!? Oh, I didn't tell you...I used t-shirt yarn to weave. So neat to cut up an old t-shirt to use for a craft project! Making the "yarn" was fun!

I have some ideas what to do next and how to fix the looseness of the blue bit, and I hope to make a throw rug or two. This little thing is about the size of a mug rug, but it wove up quickly.


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Kristin Moran said...

The t-shirt strands are weft. The wool yarn is your warp. When you prepare your loom, it's warping, and those strands will be under tension. The strands you weave "weft" and right across the warp are the weft, and they are typically not under a lot of tension. So if you have one yarn that is weaker than the other, you want the weaker yarn as weft, and the stronger yarn as warp.