Monday, January 14, 2013

Oxford Punch Finish!

Well kinda. Remember the little snowflake mat I posted? I just couldn't sit down and finis the last corner section. I don't know why. I'm famous for not finishing things in my family....except ice cream. :-) Today I decided to try my Oxford punch. In 10 minutes I had that corner section done! I bet it was less than than 10 minutes. It took me longer to get my supplies together and get comfy than the actual punching. So fun! The other yarn partswere hooked with my Hartman. Definitely way easier with the Oxford. Of course I need to work on punching just like hooking because I'm a packer. Can't help it. :-) I'm in love with my Oxford punch. <3



Robin ~ Bird In The Hand Primitives ~ said...

I love it !! Looks like fun too !!
you chose awesome colors...something about them just says "wynter "...:)

Rugs and Pugs said...

Great job! I really need to try my Oxford one of these days!
Hugs :)

jennifer768 said...

Beautiful!I knew you would love the punch.LOL! I need to practice not packing too.It is so hard not to though.Love your color choices for the mat.Hugs,Jen

Christine said...

Love it! Simple but so so pretty in those colors!
Best wishes