Saturday, September 29, 2012

New Salt Dough

I've been up to my elbows in salt dough again. I participated in a local barn sale at Portage Trail Barn. I've been going to the barn sales for a little while, but this was my first time participating. Mary Beth does all of the hard work so all of the success of the event goes to her. And she does it all with two little ones and a newborn. I bought a few things for myself too. : )

Fall Salt Dough Bowl Fillers
Halloween Salt Dough Bowl Fillers
I made Halloween, Fall, and Button sets. I have a few left over that are available for purchase.
Fall: 2 leaves, 2 red sunflowers, 2 pumpkins, 3 mini stars.
Halloween: 2 ghosts, 2 black cats, 2 pumpkins, 3 mini stars.
Each set is $8 plus shipping.

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