Monday, April 23, 2012

Berlin, Ohio, Hook-In....Part 1

Yay! I went to my first large hook-in event Saturday, April 21st. It was so much fun! I went with my friend Kimberlee who I met at the local library hook-in that is held once a month. We have been hooking, dyeing, and thrift store shopping ever since we met. : )  I also got to meet online friend Alice Fraizer from Folk Art Primitives. The day flew by so fast that we didn't get to say much more than "hello" to each other, but it was nice meeting face-to-face.

So this happens to everyone, right?

The night before (yes, super procrastinator here) I was trying to get a simple flag pattern drawn out so I would have something to work on. Nope, haven't finished that darn cardinal rug and it's giving me fits so I decided to start something new. Made sense to me. : )  The minute I put the linen down the animals think they have a new place to sleep. Seriously?

Okay, on to the hook-in!

There were six vendors there: Mad Hen Primitives, The Shepherd's Wool, Spruce Ridge Studios, Perennial Blessings, Crows on the Ledge, and The Rug Bug. I believe 11 were on the list to come, but the weather hasn't been great and I know things happen. I bought my favorite magazine (Primitive Quilts and Projects) from Mad Hen Primitives, I have two patterns on my wish list from Crows on the Ledge, and bought some dyes to play with and wool for my flag project from Spruce Ridge. Boy did the money go fast! I did come home with some because while my husband was very sweet and gave me money to spend, I just couldn't spend it all. I'm a saver, he is a spender. : )

Mad Hen Primitives

Spruce Ridge Studios

Crows on the Ledge. Don't tell Kimberlee that she is in the corner of this pic!

I can't remember whose booth is here in the front, but the other side was Marlene Troyer's booth. She had some adorable kitties stitched that I so wanted to take home with me. I passed this time, but I know where to find her! She works at Country Craft Cupboard.

The Shepherd's Wool. Beautiful wools!

The Rug Bug. Have you ever seen so much wool?!?
Here was my view of the room. There were about 115 hookers in attendance.

This is Deb. She had on the cutest pin! She said that her father is a wood turner so he made mini rug hooks for her and then she embroidered her name onto wool to make a penny rug. Some of the ladies at her table had them on as well. I wish I would've gotten her phone number. So cute!

Deb and her cute pin.
 This is my hooking buddy Kimberlee : )  She always wears a cute apron with a sheep pin to keep her clothes lint-free while hooking. Gotta be stylish that girl.


The event was held from 10-3 and then we went shopping in Berlin after. The event technically was held in Walnut Creek, just down the road, but who is really checking. : )

Okay that's it for Part 1. I will post photos from the Rug Show Room tomorrow.



Christine said...

That looks like such a fantastic hook in! So much wonderful wool!
Looking forward to seeing more!

imsteelefullofscrap said...

Oh my just happened to find your blog from A Primitive Place blog and I am also here in Ohio not far from you I have been doing a lil research on rug hooking and so want to learn how to make one