Thursday, March 10, 2011

Consignment Store Finds

I've been working a different schedule this week, helping out at one of my part-time jobs. I couldn't say no even if gas for the car is an arm and a leg! Today I'm home with a sick kid instead of working, so I thought I would blog. : )

I have had some time to kill between getting home from work and picking the kiddo up from track practice after school, so I've been roaming around town. I went to a shop I've driven by tons of times, but only stopped in once when they first opened a year or so ago. It's called Pieces. My tastes have changed since then and I thought I would see what they have that fits my new design tastes. Wow. I was tempted, but only walked out with a small $8 item this time. Here are some of the things I was drooling over, taken on my cell phone......

Old crock with a 5 on the side. 5 gallons?

These lamps reminded me of Pfaltzgraff. They look nicer in the shop and need shades. They are Ethan Allen.

I couldn't move back enough to get a full shot. Just an old box.

Wooden tray

Wow! This would be great to have as a decorative piece, but I have no place for it.

Little stool with a drawer.

One of my problems is that I don't know what's a good price for some items. They also have a tag system at the shop where as time goes on the price goes down, but you risk losing the item if someone else stops in before you get back and falls in love with it too!

The crock was around $50 and will go down to $33 at the end of April if it's still there. I have no idea if it's worth $50 or even $30, but either way I couldn't get it. I don't think I could have lifted it to get it in the car anyway, lol.

I almost bought that little stool with the drawer. It was $12. I would probably paint it and change the knob out, but I wasn't sure if I should spend $12 on it. So silly. So instead I spent $8 on a piece of "punched tin" that isn't handmade or probably even made in the USA. Oh well. I will stop in another day and see if the stool is still there.

Isn't that stove great? Oh how I wish I had a place to display it. I can picture a small crock of old utensils and other kitchen goodies displayed on it. I think it was only in the $200s which I thought was a good price. Again, not really a clue though, lol.

I'm glad I stopped in the shop. Lots of things to look at. There were even some matching pieces to the little Pfaltzgraff creamer that I found at the thrift store for 50 cents. She had the sugar and creamer for $6 and a bunch of other cups to match. I'm not sure yet if I want to collect more of this design, so I kept my wallet firmly snug in my pocket.

I do want to grab the lamps. I can't remember their price and I can't zoom in enough to see the tag. I do remember seeing that they are Ethan Allen and I wasn't shocked at the price. Maybe I will have to make a stop of there in the next few days. Our living room will be painted blue this summer, hopefully, and they would look great. The one table lamp we currently have is green metal and just doesn't fit. It's a hand-me-down from my in-laws and is actually kind of dangerous as it has these leaves wrapped around it that can be painful if you bump against one. I could use a lamp in my craft room so it will move up there when we paint.

I stopped into the thrift store yesterday and it was 50% off the entire store! I will post about that another day. Now it's time to check on the kiddo and fill my coffee mug. We have had nothing but rain for the past few days and I've managed to keep the headaches from attacking. Hope you all are staying warm and dry. : )


Christine said...

Wow! I'd love to go for a browse thru that store! Those are fab items!
Best wishes

Julia said...

I love the stove, it looks in great condition and I think that $200.00 is not bad for this. Just the metals must be worth at least that. JB

acorn hollow said...

my aunt used a stove just like that up until recently. mybe it could be refurbushed to be used.

Carmen at Primcats said...

I would take it all! Well... if I had lots of extra money that is!!! LOL!

Carmen and the Primcats

Rhodes Creations said...

Hello! Well, at least I can window shop through the internet as I'm a shopaholic and have to abstain from going to thrift stores, etc...So enjoy it while you can! Take care, Laura

Deb~Paxton Valley Folk Art said...

Michelle, what a great shop, wish I was lucky enough to live near it like you! All the items you snapped pictures of are treasures and I think the prices are very reasonable. Thanks for sharing your pictures and also thanks for following my blog and entering the PAFA Etsy team giveaway, good luck!! Deb