Friday, January 28, 2011

Sunday marathon!!!

The  Hallmark Channel is having a Little House on the Prairie marathon on Sunday starting at 6 a.m. You know what I will be doing. I wanted to clean and move the bedroom furniture around, so I will be hanging out in there along with the Ingalls family. I guess I will do some laundry during the commercials. At least I don't have to scrub it on a rock down by the creek.   : )

Have a good weekend everyone. Stay warm!


Deppen homestead 1862 said...

Gee how can I get out of some work Sunday!
Oh,I so want to be a couch potato & have my handkerchief ready!

colleens craft shed said...

I will be joining in on the Little house marathon. I love watching it during the week when I can. I am a new follower and I love your blog.

Julia said...

Michelle, Little house on the Praries was a family favorite heart warming show with a life lesson at each episode.

Enjoy. JB

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

I love little house on the prairie and think I should have come from that generation..although I do love my modern conveniences..I so love the prim decor..I was just reading some of your entrys and came across your "woodstove" one..we have a wood stove in our home..had it installed as it didn't come with one..and I tell you its all we use..I refuse to use our baseboard/wall units..I love the feel of the stove and so do our will run when the power goes out..inserts are not great as they don't heat really well and when the power goes out so does the blower..and so does pellet stoves..don't work without power..we have a 1400 sq.ft house and it heats it can also add ceiling fans to help circulate the heat and or cool you down if you get to hot..we also love using the big pressed wood logs as they heat hotter and last longer then real we mix the two..and if you can use Madrona wood..holy cow does that stuff burn hot..and the pressed logs are easy to stack..and not as spiders, bugs etc..I hope you get one..we will always have one..oh and don't do fireplaces..they are a huge waste of time in my opinion..great for ambeience that is it..have fun watching your marathon.;) oh a movie you would love, it is based off of little is called "young Pioneers" can only get it on VHS..tried getting it on dvd..but no luck.;)