Saturday, January 22, 2011

My Christmas Kits

Before Christmas I was so excited to share with you all what I was giving for Christmas. It was different and it fit in the budget, and I thought everyone would enjoy making it. I realized I never shared with you what that was. lol.

I had been oohing and aahing over the terrarium kits on etsy for a while, but they were out of my price range since I wanted to put together multiple kits for gifts. I did find a few sellers who were selling just moss and thought that was a good start. Yes, I bought moss online. lol. I used to spend my summers with my Gram in Pennsylvania. She helped  me do little fun things like dying Queen Anne's Lace with food coloring and a terrarium using dirt and plant clippings from her garden with just a piece of plastic wrap on the top in a planter I found on the back porch. Those were fun times and good memories I will hold onto forever. When I saw that terrariums were big again (I also saw articles in two different magazines in the past few months), I just had to make them.

So here is what I put together for Christmas.

I purchased directions from Miss Mossy. I know I could have gone to the library or just googled it, but time was running out and I was afraid if I didn't just order the tutorial that I would never get this project done, so I let Miss Mossy take care of that for me.

I also purchased a pack of 12 Ball jars and sprayed the lids a nice blue color (for sky). Fish tank gravel, charcoal (also in the fish tank section of the store), and soil all went into their own baggies.

Little polymer clay mushrooms were purchased from Serenity Mosaics. Aren't they adorable? They are on wire stems for easy insertion into the terrarium. I'm still on the look out for a little sheep to add.

Polymer clay mushrooms with baggies of charcoal and gravel
 Moss was purchased from Teresa's Plants and More and Miss Mossy, and then I divided it up into baggies for each kit (I put 12 kits together).

Terrarium kits

With all the craziness of Christmas, I shoved the box of "ingredients" under the room divider in the dining room, including the leftover moss, intending to make a terrarium for our home with the extras. I didn't remember about it until yesterday! The moss is okay, not great, but I'm hoping that it will love being in its new dirt home since it has been living in a baggy all this time. Oops. I used a Mott's apple sauce jar for our terrarium and still have to paint the lid. Maybe I will just cover it with some fabric and call it a day.
My finished terrarium
Sorry for the picture. Taking photos of a glass jar is not that easy. I guess I could have at least moved the disc sitting near it so that it wouldn't have shown up in the reflection. : )  Hopefully you can't see me in my bathrobe.


Debbie said...

Such a neat idea! I think they are lovely gifts!


sunnisandy said...

I love this idea, great gift giving and how where they accepted?
You did a wonderful job. Also love the sampler a few posts down, I can't see were it bled so I would say everything worked out! Love the sampler!

Kim said...

That is such a unique idea. Love it. And those little mushrooms are so cute.

Kindra-At Home With K said...

What a great gift idea! I would love to receive something like that!! I'm sure your friends/family loved them!!

Michelle~Sugar House Creations said...

I do believe most enjoyed putting it together. I didn't hear from everyone though. Our family did a homemade Christmas this year so I got gifts from those that I have never seen do anything crafty before. It was great!

Alma Allen said...

HI Michelle,

Love your terrarium. A small world under glass! Thanks for your comment on my blog. I got a good laugh about your dinner explosion. Just glad no one was hurt though. That could have been bad!