Friday, February 15, 2013

Christmas Gifts

Yes you read that correctly. : )  I didn't celebrate Christmas with my hooking buddy, Kimberlee, until well after Christmas. I was busy, she was busy, I was sick, and our work schedules are completely opposite.

She punched this beautiful crow for me. : )

And I made her a cross-stitch design from Gettysburg Homestead.  Thank you Mary for the freebie pattern. 


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Auction Rug

A few ladies in my guild like to go to a local auction and they shared their latest find. This beautiful rug hooked by Virginia Hildebrandt in 1977-78. The label shows that it was a Joan Moshimer design. The colors were so bright that it's hard to believe it's 35 years old. The rug is as old as I am, and it's certainly more vibrant and colorful than I am, lol!!!


You will not believe the winning bid! Ready for it? $115!!! I can't believe there wasn't a reserve that had to be reached first. They really got a steal of a deal. I don't know the size of it, but you can see that it's almost as long as the tables in the first picture and I think they were 6 feet. Not a small rug!

The colors she used in the background are fabulous. It's neat how from far away you don't notice the different colors, but they work so well together to make a vibrant design.


Thanks for stopping by. : )


Monday, February 11, 2013

Rug Hooking Guild Meeting

I *finally* made it to a guild meeting. I've missed the last two due to not feeling well and when they only happen once a month I feel like I really miss out. I was late, but I made it! There was a special guest so I made extra effort to drag myself there. I haven't felt well in months with my chronic issues and of course they were flaring up that day. Just my luck, lol. I was 30 minutes late, but not the last one there. : )

Barb's sample

A close-up of Barb's sample

Barb Gott of Gott Wool was our special guest. I missed the sign-up for the mini workshop she was teaching, but there were extra patterns so I got to participate. Yay!  She was teaching about the bargello style. It's not my style, I'm a prim girl, but I'm up for learning new things so why not. She had gorgeous wool to purchase so I chose three. We could have used our own wool, but it was easier to buy the three value swatches for this project.

The wool I bought from Barb Gott

This was not the style of hooking I'm used to. There was a lot of counting and following of the pattern to do, and it was a lot like counted cross-stitch. It was kind of nerve-wracking as if you make one mistake counting, your whole pattern will be off. No pressure! : )

I got the middle started. Oops, my photo is upside down!

Barb was a great teacher and threw in a joke or two. Thanks Barb for a great mini workshop!

Barb Gott
All of the guild ladies hard at work. I think there were 45 of us there that day.

I have a few more pictures from the guild meeting that I will share with you another day. You will not believe it! : )