Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Wool Parties at Pine Cone Gift Shoppe

Good morning! It's a bit chilly here and we were expecting snow, but nothing when I woke up this morning. That is fine with me! : )  I like the snow as long as I don't have to go out in it.

I wanted to share some pictures from one of the wool parties that Gary puts on. He is the owner of Pine Cone Gift Shoppe in Hartville, Ohio. Marilyn Willmore is there if you need help or are a new hooker wanting to pick up a kit and get started, and then the rest of us just sit around and chat, share tips, and encourage the newbies. Coffee and snacks are always provided too. It's a very casual atmosphere, but we get to sit in the most beautiful chairs and couches at the shoppe! I'm always so worried about spilling something on a $3000 sofa! Eek!

We had a wool party last Saturday and it was also the shoppe's big Christmas sale. The nice thing about hooking in the shoppe is we get to people watch. Sometimes people stop and watch us too. : )

These photos are from the last party we had, not last Saturday's. I don't think I've shared them before. Hmmm.......mind is going. : )

The ladies always bring their rugs to share. This one is designed by Marilyn Willmore and hooked by Nancy. I am in awe of Nancy's technique. Her rugs are so soft because she hooks high and loose. That's what I call it anyway. She uses a hook with a wide shank and uses the shank as her guide for loop height. Genius!

Designed by Marilyn Willmore. Hooked by Nancy.
I also thought it was neat how Nancy signed her rugs. She hand-stitched her name and the date onto the binding tape. 
How Nancy signs her rugs.
 A close-up of a rug she made with her initial.

Nancy's hooking style
Marilyn always sets up a little corner with her supplies. She has baskets of worms for the new gals to pick from. She starts them out with a simple hit and miss mat to practice technique and they pick their worms from the baskets; kind of like designing their own kit.
Marilyn's corner

One of the beautiful sofas in the shop!

One of the beautiful sofas we get to sit on

It's hard to see all of the goodies in the shoppe, but it's packed with beautiful items....and almost all are American made! And Gary does ship so if you see something just give him a call. He is a sweetheart!
People watching at the shoppe

I didn't take any pictures this last time. There was a gal there, Connie I believe, who shared her beautiful rugs! Her color choices were right up my alley and her technique was perfect. Hopefully she will be at the next party and I can get some photos as they are such an inspiration.

There are tentative plans to have another wool party January 26th so if you are near Hartville, Ohio, stop by and hook for a while. Follow the Pine Cone Gift Shoppe on Facebook and Gary will post the info as we get closer to that date. It's always free and loads of fun!

Now back to my own hooking. I'm hooking some ornaments for a giveaway for a Facebook group. Better get to it. : )


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jennifer768 said...

Oh what fun! It is a beautiful shop,would love to visit it sometime.Thanks so much for sharing all those gorgeous rugs!Christmas Blessings,Jen