Tuesday, November 1, 2011

November: A good month to be thankful

Two posts in the same week?!?! I must be turning over a new leaf. : )

Since November is the month of giving thanks, I thought I would start a few new habits this month and try and shake this looming depression. I have so much to be thankful for that it's silly to be so depressed.

I already gave up my morning coffee months ago and was only getting a cappuccino and fruit snacks (they have like 300% of my daily vitamin C so they are vitamins, right?) on the days I work at the hospital at night, but I just gave that up too. I can get a free coffee in the cafeteria at work (much less fat and sugar than the cappuccino) and will be buying the fruit snacks in the small packets and just have *one* as a treat. This will save me about $10 a week and I think that's significant. Just think of all the neat things I can get at the thrift store with $10! lol!

I'm also going to stop wasting so much time. This is a hard one for me. I find myself looking online at everyone's crafting projects and home decor projects, and then never getting around to my own. Enough is enough!

My family deserves more from me and I deserve to feel better. I hope I can stick to it. They are small changes, but I think they will make a huge difference in my life and the lives of those around me.

I started stitching again and this is the first piece I've finished. I'm very proud of myself for getting it done so quickly. I'm the queen of unfinished projects (ADD + a little OCD = nothing getting done). Thank you to Christine at Preferably Prim for the cross stitch chart. It was just right for me.


Christine said...

I am so honored that you have stitched this up in double quick time and done such a fantastic job of it!
Thanks so much for this!
I truly hope you begin to conquer the depression and focus on all the good things.

jennifer768 said...

Love your new stitched piece!Will be praying that you overcome the depression .Hugs,Jen

Brenda said...

Hey Michelle! Good to see you posting again and I really hope you start to feeling yourself again very soon. Depression suck...been there and still there!


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